Use an Estimating Software the way you work

EstiMATEit is the easiest construction estimating software solution for you.

It allows you to create estimates using your knowledge and experience.

You can set up your rates and prices to create fast and accurate estimates.

You can use EstiMATEit  on all devices  Including Apple Macs, iPad, Android devices and Windows PCs

Getting started is easy, sign up for a free trial and start creating professional looking estimates quickly and easily. 

Online Support is available 24/7.

Our support team are on hand ready to help whenever you need a hand.

Designed by a builder, for a builder any tradesman 

Features that will make life easier

Use Your Rates and Costs

You can create an estimate based on how you work.  EstiMATEit has been built to be flexible & allow you to set up work items and tasks in the way want them.

EstiMATEit is for professionals who know their trade - If you need to be told how to price your job then this is not for you.

Your costs in one place

You keep all your costs in one central place.

Adding costs couldn't be easier - with a choice of entering costs directly into the library, importing from excel or even create a cost on the fly when creating an estimate.

It's Clever Wherever

You can access your estimates online any time, anywhere, with any internet enabled device, whether you are on site, back at the office or at home as long as you have internet connection you are always in control of your estimates. 

Save time by creating BOMs

An excellent time saving feature, for grouping materials and labour together is to make a bill of material (BOM). Once you have created a BOM you only need to add one entry to include all the costs.

When printing your shopping list, EstiMATEit is smart enough to split out all the materials and group them together in a simple clear list for you to give to your wholesalers.

Ideal for creating meterage rates, kits of materials or standard system installs.

Free Trial

Not sure you are ready to take the plunge – try the Estimating Software for free – nothing to lose. 


If you don’t like it don’t buy it - No card details required

Save Time and Effort

Being able to copy estimates is a real time saver for those customers who want different variations of the same work.  This advanced feature even allows you to choose which elements of the estimate you want to copy.

Easy to Use Software

EstiMATEit has been designed with the end user in mind


Normally a computer whizz, who has never got his hands dirty, does the design. With EstiMATEit the builder has designed the software and the got the whizz to build it. 


Which gives you a very easy to use construction industry friendly software.  See for yourself, try it for free

Don't Forget Anything When Ordering

EstiMATEit will provide you with a material schedule for the job, so you will know exactly what you need to order when at your suppliers. 

Using your supplier product codes, never again will the apprentice get the wrong materials.

Create the Right Impression 

With the click of a button, you can produce beautiful branded documents to give to your customer.

You can customise the documents to your design.

Don't Forget Anything with Notes & Reminders

Fed up of your desk full of post it notes.  When using EstiMATEit you can add notes and photos specific to that job.  The software will even remind you if you have tasks outstanding.

Share information with Multi User

EstiMATEit allows you to have multiple users on the software, and at the Enterprise level, you can create Manager and Worker roles within your organisation.

Get Help and Support when you need it

EstiMATEit comes with a stunning knowledge base, with help on each page of the software, directly relevant to the page you are on and help articles to guide you through the software, an intelligent search is amazing for finding answers to your questions.

For those who rather watch than rather than read, there are short videos to get you started.

If you would like to talk to someone, you can always ring the support lines.

Don't Wait to go Back to the office - invoice on site

If you don’t invoice you don’t get paid.  Simple.  Although doing the job is important, the most important part of the job is raising the invoice and getting the money in at the end of the job. 


But after a long day on site you don’t feel up to it.  That’s why Estimateit has an invoice that is directly linked to the estimate so as soon as the job is finished the invoice is just a mere push of a button away and can be done on your pc or your tablet/phone.


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