Your Benefits as Distributor
Knowledge is Power
In an age where information is key to running any business sizeit allows you to obtain data for the surveys that are been produced by your employees, your wholesalers and even at the ground level, your installers.  Using a manager / worker heirarchy login, you can view all surveys that are being created for your company's products in real time.  You can even measure conversion rates and follow up surveys that appear to have gone cold.  This type of information is invaluable in todays environment and will keep you one step ahead of the game.
Improve Customer Service
In the fast moving world we live in today, customer service is valued not only with how well but also how quickly a supplier can satisfy their customer needs.  If a supplier knows they can use Sizeit to provide surveys instantly, giving a first class service to their customer, they are more likely to make your heater the heater of choice when being asked to quote for a heating system.
Save labour costs
Using Sizeit, compared to other more traditional methods of quoting will save up to 80% processing time for a survey and if the installer / wholesaler have the tools it would save 100% of your back office time.  Either saving you money on staffing, or giving you time to be face to face with your customer and creating customer loyalty.
Be the preferred heater of choice for installers
Time is money for installers, so by providing them with Sizeit they will be able to provide a quote instantly using your heaters.  This will save them going back to the office and contacting you to complete a survey and then getting back intouch with the customer.  Surveys have shown that a customer is more likely to make a positive buying decision if they are presented with cost at the time of the survey.  Sizeit allows your installer to do this, making you the preferred heater choice compared to your competitors who do not have this tool available for them.
Keep up with the Technical Age
Electrical heating technology has already made advancements with Aps that control your system, so give your company the competitive edge by showing your customers that not only are your products using advanced technology but you are one of the industry leaders by using technology to support them when choosing your heater.
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